I've been playing guitar since the late 60's. I have also been into woodworking for the same amount of time. I've had a variety of jobs over the years mostly related to working with wood but always for someone else's company.

In the early 90's I happened upon a 65 Deluxe reverb from a local music store. I gave the guy a hundred bucks for it. This was before I knew what the thing would eventually be worth. The amp worked great, but the cabinet was shot. Being handy with wood, I decided to build a new cab for it.

At the time, there was no internet to speak of. At least I wasn't aware of it. So... I set out to find tolex and grill. I landed at a music store a couple towns away and found what I was after. It just so happened that one of the store owners was an amp tech and had plans of building his own line of amps. I seized the opportunity to have my own business and started building cabs for Blues Pearl amps.

This went on for about 5 yrs or so but unfortunatly the guy was better at building amps than running a business. Let it be known that I had no investment in Blues Pearl amps. I just built cabs as an independent supplier. I say that because the owner of Blues pearl ripped off a lot of people including me!

After that I continued to build cabs on the side while I worked in a cabinet shop building custom kitchens, bookcases, etc. About 4 yrs ago I quit that shop and started building guitar cabs on my own. Since then I have been building for several boutique amp makers and many regular players like you and me.

I would like to add many, many thanks to my web designer (and customer) TJ Lewis, for doing this site for me.

Here are a few pictures to show you my world past and present: