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Greetings and welcome to my site!

If your looking for a quality combo or speaker cabinet for the least amount of money, you have come to the right place! All my cabs are 3/4" pine with finger jointed corners, 1/2" baffles and and I only use top quality hardware. All speaker cabs come wired with jack in a metal jack plate. Ive been building cabs for almost 20 yrs. All of my cabinets are fabricated and assembled in my shop by me from start to finish. Nothing leaves my shop until it has passed my own inspection. That means if something is not perfect, I alone must answer for it. I build many standard replacement cabs but also do custom work as well. In my shop, custom does not mean a lot more money! Most of added cost for custom cabs will only be for special tolex or grill that I do not stock and have to order. I keep my prices well below anywhere else with an average cost of under $200.00. Thanks a lot for stopping by! I look forward to serving you and all your cab needs.
Johh aka TheCabGuy